We understand the issues that can stop many banks in their tracks, and we can see the hidden value that some transactions offer and find a way to work with the borrower and his advisors to find an effective way to structure each deal.

Commercial loans provided by W Financial are intended to be a short-term solution that can, for example, enable the purchase and improvement of a vacant, distressed, or non cash-flowing property, or alternatively, refinance existing debt to help stabilize and improve a property prior to a sale or a conventional bank refinancing.

In some cases, an opportunity may present itself that requires a buyer to close within 30 days with no mortgage contingency. In such cases, closing with W Financial will “de-stress” the transaction and give the buyer/borrower plenty of breathing room to arrange optimal, low-rate conventional financing at a later date when time allows.

In fact, W Financial never offers to make a bridge loan without first identifying one or more viable exit strategies either via a conventional refinancing or, depending upon the borrower’s business plan, the marketing and sale of a property.

Our goal? To help our borrowers succeed. In the short-term. Over the long haul. End of story.

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Founder & Managing Partner

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Managing Partner

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VP of Investor Relations

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Marketing Coordinator

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